This brand of photography from Shawn Lee has the model, musician and artistic soul in mind. Time is taken to really hear and understand what the client wants to accomplish so we can acquire the vision that is typically associated with the "artistic mind". I know, I'm an artist too, and I know how important the individual's vision is to them. No detail is overlooked, whether it includes the need of make up artists, wardrobe and hair stylists or specialized props and venues, whether on-location or in studio. These sessions are designed to give you exactly what you need and a whole lot of what you want so that your imagery impacts your project in a very significant way.

Because of the visual impact of Shawn's Creative Sessions, clients have won national modeling contests and subsequent contracts, placed in top ten of national modeling contest, started new innovative companies, been featured on local and national major media forums, led successful political, business, social and artistic media campaigns. All in part to a well thought out, well executed and consulted Creative Photography Session. Imagery should not just look HOT, it should also serve a very specific purpose tailored directly for the individual client's goals. That's what you get with Shawn Lee.