In today's hyper-competitive business & social environment, success or failure can hinge on how well you are able to connect with your client base. Words go only so far in bringing your message to the market. Nothing out performs a well executed portrait's ability to help you connect at a deeper level with your prospective clients.

An UNBELEIVABLE creative portrait can speak volumes. An image of you skillfully created brings you and your clients face to face like no other medium. 



 Hard to believe that this collaborative photo shoot of Hajj Flemings taken by Shawn Lee of SHAWN LEE STUDIOS creatively spearheaded the way for the creation of "GOKIT". This process has helped make him one of the premier tech gurus in America as reported by CNN and CNN Money. Because of this, Hajj has been featured on BLACK IN AMERICA 4 Silicone Valley with Solidad O'Brien on CNN, CNN's Starting Point also with Solidad O'Brien, featured at TEDx and featured as well as launched GoKit at the #SXSW Conference.

Hajj readily admits, "I could not have done it without these photos. They were so creative, they made me think on an entirely new level. The next day I flew to SXSW and my partners saw the pictures and said, "Everybody needs photos like this! That night, working all night, we innovated and created GoKit and the rest is history.

IT'S AMAZING how well executed, well directed and innovative imagery that speaks to who you are and what you do can spark a firestorm!

Shawn DOESN'T JUST TAKE PHOTOS, he creates imagery that reveals the potential of who you are."